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I think that dress is to dressy for a wedding, but it depends on how well you know the people getting married and if your one of those people who likes to get all dressed up x

I’ve only worn that dress once (in the picture that I’ve shown) so it would be nice to wear it again…and I usually just wear hoodies and skinny jeans hahah

It’s my friend’s dad’s wedding and they’ve invited me but I think I’m going to wear some lace shorts or something xx



The Scottish alt-rock band, Twin Atlantic played a sold out show at The Troubadour this last Monday night. While this type of modern pop/alt/rock isn’t really my thing, the crowd, which was primarily younger 20-something girls went crazy as they sang along to every word out of singer, Sam McTrusty’s mouth. The band blasted through their 10-song set, ending with their new single, “Heart & Soul”.

Full set of photos: click
Photography: Ceethreedom



What is your favourite word?

'Sesquipedalian'- it means the unnecessary use of long words.”

Oh my goodness! it’s one of my favourite words too! In school me and my friends had a game called sesquipedalia where we would give random amounts of points for using stupidly long words in pointless scenarios. 

I’m such a geek. But it’s ok, cos hugh is too